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Noelle Perdue: Where is the Porn Industry Professional Now?

“Money Shot: The Pornhub Story” on Netflix is mostly about the rise and fall of this adult entertainment website, but it also gives us a look at the adult business as a whole. After all, it has exclusive interviews with performers, activists, historians, and even former employees, all of whom shed light on how complicated this explicit field really is. One of them was the well-known behind-the-scenes worker Noelle Perdue. If you want to know more about her, her career, and where she is now, we have the information for you.

Who is Noelle Perdue?

There’s no doubt that Noelle, who is from Canada, is an open-minded, honest, caring, and determined expert and advocate for the porn industry. But the truth is that she is also so much more. In fact, she is said to have a lot of experience with computer programming. However, between 2016 and 2017, she decided to switch gears and follow her interest in the world of action pornography. She just Googled “Porn scriptwriter, is that a job?” and found out it was. She then saw that MindGeek, which owns Pornhub, was hiring, sent in an application, and got a job at their head office in Montreal.

noelle perdue,noelle purdue,noelle page,*noelle perdue now,noelle peterson

Noelle worked there for three years as a writer, producer, talent acquirer (for Pornhub’s Modelhub branch), or in any other role that fit, so she quickly learned how everything worked. So, it’s not surprising that she knows everything there is to know about the adult industry. Her experiences and the fact that she still works in the industry as a fan make her almost perfect. But one of the most important things about her position on this issue is that she never hesitates to point out the bad things about erotic entertainment and her former company.

“Most people think Pornhub is the biggest or most visited porn site on the internet, which is true in terms of brand recognition,” Noelle said in the Netflix original. “It’s the one people talk about when they talk about the porn industry, but MindGeek is a hilariously boring place to work, with grey carpet, grey cubicles, and an open-concept layout. It was a lot like working at a tech company.” She then made a remark about how sometimes quantity was more important than quality or performers, which unintentionally led to sex trafficking and rape.

Where is Noelle Perdue Now?

Even though written or audio-video eroticism has a lot of bad things about it, Noelle is adamant that it is not real because it is all performances, fantasies, and acts. If something isn’t agreed upon or is against the law, it is rape and nothing else. It doesn’t belong in their empowerment- and positivity-focused porn industry. In “Money Shot,” she used the word “teen” as an example to show that in adult videos, it means a certain body type, not someone’s age. If it meant someone’s age, it would be completely unacceptable.


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When it comes to Noelle, it looks like she lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, which is her hometown and a beautiful city. From there, she continues to work in the interesting field of porn. She used to work for MindGeek, but now she is a freelance writer, producer, and historian. She focuses on the things she has always wanted to be in the spotlight when talking about her passion. In fact, the self-described “hindsight futurist” and “former Internet anarchist” has written opinion pieces for Wired, the Washington Post, Slate, Xtra Magazine, and other publications.

Noelle, who used to be a programmer, has recently been exploring the world of digital intimacy. She does this by “researching moderation, obscenity law, data mapping, generative algorithms, and the history of “new media.” The result is a mechanical theatre called a praxinoscope that shows AI-made pornography. I loved making something that brought together different parts of media history, and I hope to make many more mechanical animation machines and have the chance to do more research and work on this project in the future.” As for her personal life, we should say that Noelle seems to be in a happy, healthy, stable relationship with Krystyne Athanasia, the Creative Tech and Consultant at Design Fabrication Zone.

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