Lockwood and Co Theories – Whose Skull Is In The Jar?

In the eerie Netflix TV show “Lockwood and Co,” Lucy Carlyle joins a ghost-hunting business operated by two boys. The programme creates a parallel world in which ghosts are pervasive and dangerous. There are so many ghost hunters in the world today because they are so deadly that even a person’s slightest contact with them might result in death. While Lucy, Lockwood, and George investigate crimes, they also learn some very sinister details about some really enigmatic individuals. The Skull in Jar that George stole from Fittes and Rotwell is one item that is essential to cracking this case. Many details concerning it are still unknown. What you should know if you’re wondering who owns this skull and what part it will play in the narrative. Spoilers follow.

Who is the Skull in the Jar?

The Skull in the Jar is a Type III ghost, and Lockwood and Company learn this once the skull begins speaking to Lucy, a listener. She initially finds it difficult to accept that she has discovered the rarest of the rare, making her the rarest of the rare listeners in the world. Lucy’s discovery makes the skull happy because no one else could hear it. He seizes the chance to try to persuade Lucy to do what he wants. It is confined to a silver jar. Although Lucy wants to release him, she has other ideas.

The Skull doesn’t begin discussing his past until the case of Edmund Bickerstaff’s tomb and the Bone Glass falls into Lockwood & Co.’s lap. He tells Lucy about the occultist and his experiments as the investigation progresses. He confesses that Bickerstaff had been using human subjects in his experiments in an effort to build a portal to another world. His obsession with comprehending the opposing viewpoint made him a murderer. The Skull is aware of everything because he assisted Bickerstaff.

The Skull, who has not yet been given a name in the series, was a devoted follower of Bickerstaff when he was alive. He was aware of the Bone Glass’s abilities, and although he was curious to learn more about them, he knew that doing so would either make him crazy or kill him. He and Bickerstaff coerced others into staring in the mirror, but they were unable to achieve their goals because those who do so frequently pass away. They wouldn’t have hesitated to conduct experiments on kids if they had known that they were more receptive to that reality.

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The Skull and Bickerstaff forced Mary Dulac, another occultist in the gang, to look at it after they ran out of people. She became insane as expected and temporarily vanished. In order to inform the rest of the world of the Bone Glass’ actual power, she published a book about her experience after returning. In it, she detailed everything she had learned about Bickerstaff and the Bone Glass. Bickerstaff and the Skull were both shot and killed by Mary before she vanished.

The Skull’s soul would not let go of the mortal world due to his tremendous desire to learn what is on the other side. The Skull is a Type III and, according to Marissa Fittes, is very intelligent and strong. According to the “Lockwood and Co” books, on which the Netflix series is based, he thinks and feels like a living being and is so powerful that it can use its powers to make all kinds of things happen. The Skull was a lonely soul without anybody to talk to after transforming into a Type III until Lucy showed there.

It is unknown how the Skull came to be in the custody of Fittes and Rotwell, however it is possible that it happened sometime after Marissa Fittes. It is obvious that the Skull has seen it all given that the whole controversy involving Bickerstaff and the Bone Glass began in the eighteenth century, long before the Problem. The Type III that Marissa Fittes discovered might have actually been the Skull. She spoke to it right up to her passing. He was compelled to live alone until George took him and Lucy noticed.

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