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Zachariah Smith’s Wife: A Look into Their Beautiful Partnership

Love knows no age, no bounds, and no death, as John Galsworthy correctly observed. Crysta Wilkerson, the 32-year-old wife of Zachariah Smith, defied all expectations when she wed a teenager only a few months after her divorce.

Smith, a finalist on American Idol and a favourite to win the renowned competition, delighted viewers with his extraordinary talent.

Furthermore, he had other qualities that made him likeable outside just his incredible voice. His devotion to his three stepchildren and much-older wife won over the crowd.

The history of Smith and Crysta’s relationship attracted a lot of attention during the former’s tenure on American Idol.

According to information obtained exclusively by the U.S. Sun, Crysta and her former husband divorced in April 2022.

The previous couple also has three children, who are now 10, 9, and 5 years old. The children of Crysta and her unnamed spouse were given shared custody.

‘Irreconcilable issues,’ according to Zachariah Smith’s American Idol wife, were the cause of her separation from her first spouse.

Zachariah Smith, then 19, revealed Crysta Wilkerson, then 32, as his wife on his audition episode six months later, in November 2022.

It is still unknown how the unusual pair came to be together, fell in love, and got married in a short period of time.

Some accounts claim that Smith and Crysta were married in September of 2022, which was two months before to the start of the former’s American Idol adventure.

Sadly, this information could not be verified by the Monroe County, Mississippi, Clerk.

American Idol finalist Zachariah Smith has not yet responded to the rumours about his marriage.

Let’s examine Zachariah Smith’s wife’s age, profession, and personal life in more detail now.

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Zachariah Smith wife age & career

Unsurprisingly, the age of Zachariah Smith’s wife has been one of the most frequently asked questions about the American Idol contestant.

Crysta seems older than her spouse in every photo, while being in terrific form.

Crysta Wilkerson does not hide her actual age, unlike the majority of adult women. Everyone has known she is 32 years old since the beginning.

People are interested in learning more about their initial meeting after Smith revealed Crysta as his wife in the episode of his audition.

Despite the fact that none of them have spoken about how they met, several sources have learned that Crysta managed the Mississippi restaurant where Zachariah was employed.

Smith and Crysta’s unconventional love story most likely started at the restaurant, which has been in Crysta’s family for the past 20 years.

Additionally, Crysta is a loving mother to three children to whom she offers her undivided attention.

After talking about Zachariah Smith’s wife in detail, let’s take a look at his time on American Idol, the event that made him and his family famous.

Zachariah Smith has a sizable fan base for good reason; his superb, sultry Southern vocals.

Smith’s audition performance of John Mellencamp’s “Hurts So Good” really astounded the judges.

His audition video has received one million views on the video-sharing website YouTube.

The performer received standing ovations from judges Katy Perry and Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan yelled, “Go back to Amory, get your damn apron, get a little lighter fluid, burn the apron.”

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Bryan even went so far as to demand that Smith immediately resign from his position flipping burgers at home.

Along with his beautiful voice, Smith’s charming demeanour and cheery visage endeared him to the audience.

Crysta was depicted anxiously waiting outside the doors in Smith’s first episode before she was allowed inside to celebrate with her husband as he received his golden ticket.

Despite the fact that Smith did not win American Idol, his participation in the most popular music competition in the world brought him a lot of respect and acclaim.

Now, his newly discovered fans leave sweet comments on his social media posts.

He recently shared a family photo on Instagram with Crysta, his three stepchildren, and them all dressed in Disney attire.

A supporter said, “You and your family are just so precious and you have so much talent!!!”

Another person commented: “What a sweet family! I’m so glad you two were able to leave! Your children are adorable as well.

Despite having a 13-year age difference, Zachariah Smith and his wife seem to have a deep love for one another, and American Idol viewers have never-endingly supported and admired them.

Smith started singing when he was just six years old, and his love of music was awakened at a very young age.

Additionally, when the American Idol finalist began learning to play the guitar at the young age of eight, he broke all previous records.

Smith seems to have always been as keen to play after catching his eye as a greyhound.

He wanted to compete in the highly sought-after music competition when he was just fifteen, but he chose to take his time to gain more experience and hone his abilities.

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The self-assurance he has now seems to have greatly rewarded him for his patience, since it has paid off for him in the end.

Zachariah Smith wife, children, and sister

Some people might have thought Smith’s decision to get married at 19 was rash, but his unwavering devotion to his wife and stepchildren has disproved everyone’s concerns.

Zachariah Smith is unquestionably a wonderful father, and if he decides to have children in the future, he will succeed at raising them.

In addition to his wife and children, Smith also has a 15-year-old younger sister who has been pushing her brother’s success on American Idol in their community.

Smith’s sister admires him and is pleased with her brother’s current successes.

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