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Kevin Cincotta: Where is Andrea Cincotta’s Son Now?

The early hours of August 22, 1998, saw the discovery of 52-year-old librarian and mother Andrea Cincotta dead in her own home, shocking Virginia as a whole. That’s because, as meticulously detailed in ABC’s “20/20: The Andrea Cincotta Murder Investigation,” her case remained unresolved for 24 years despite the identification of two suspects very early on. But for now, if you’d like to know more about her devoted son Kevin Cincotta, who has been battling for her to receive some justice over the years, we have the crucial information for you.

Who is Kevin Cincotta?

Despite being the sole child of Andrea and Howard Cincotta when he was born in 1974, Kevin later came to have two quite different foundation points because of his parents’ divorce. The truth is that they always had a cordial connection for their son’s sake, which explains in part why he seemed to have no problems with any of their subsequent sexual relationships. In reality, after his mother passed away in 1998, the then-24-year-relationship old’s with his mother’s fiancé James Christopher “Chris” Johnson was said to be tight.

kevin cincotta virginia,kevin cincotta obituary,kevin cincotta reddit,andrea cincotta,kevin cincotta

Kevin, along with a few other family members, continued to stand behind Chris even after police identified him as a suspect in Andrea’s murder, especially because he kept them informed at all times. The former truly believed that a Trash Masters employee or stranger, whom she had handed her old home computer to around four weeks earlier, was fully to blame for her death. This is due to the fact that she made the error of bringing him into the apartment she and her fiancé lived while she was alone herself, making him one of the few people who was familiar with the whole layout of the space.

In order to definitively identify this other suspect, convicted felon Bobby Joe Leonard, Kevin therefore put a lot of effort in to working with private investigator Pat Brown. Andrea’s case thus became unsolvable due to a lack of leads, evidence, and potential witnesses, at least until Kevin alone insisted that expert detectives take it up again in 2013. But it wasn’t until 2018 that the truth came to light, with Bobby confessing that he was the one who had killed the mother of one at the alleged direction of her long-term partner Chris.

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Where is Kevin Cincotta Now?

Following Bobby’s confession in 2018, Kevin apparently ceased talking to Chris, but he persisted in urging the authorities to move quickly with their investigations so that a fair trial could be held as soon as possible. Although he has also said that when he proposed the “computer man’s” potential involvement in the crime in the late 1990s, some detectives openly laughed at him, he continued, “The only person the police ever officially dismissed in the investigation was the actual killer. This was an astounding lack of skill. Naturally, he was there when Bobby admitted guilt to first-degree murder in July 2022 and made it apparent that he would never be able to forgive Bobby.

kevin cincotta virginia,kevin cincotta obituary,kevin cincotta reddit,andrea cincotta,kevin cincotta

After the hearing, Kevin said, “This is actually about my mom, and we’ve been waiting 24 years. I’ve been without her for as long as I’ve been with her—I’m 48. She and I share a spiritual connection, and I have the impression that she is monitoring everything that is happening. He also went to the September 2022 trial of James (or Chris), where he gave a testimony saying, “The crime didn’t simply impact my life, it wrecked it. I squandered friendships. My network of emotional support left me. My entire family was lost. My life as I knew it ended.

I didn’t want to keep living, but one thing kept me going: I needed to find out what had happened to my mother, Kevin continued. to allow me to weep. If you don’t know what happened, you can’t be sad about it. Do not, however, forget that justice delayed is justice denied. It’s unfortunate that this court cannot hold accountable those who unnecessarily delayed justice. Although he now believes he had a hand in the incident as well, he was sad that his mother’s fiance wasn’t found guilty. Still, he accepted the verdict and thanked the prosecutors for providing him with the answers he had been looking for for years.

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Given his current position, it would seem that Kevin likes to live a tranquil life surrounded by his closest loved ones, far from the spotlight. Yet as far as we can tell, he still calls Virginia home, where he works as a high-ranking corporate executive in the tech sector and makes every effort to keep his mother close to his heart.

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