MasterChef Season 10: Catching Up with Past Contestants

In “MasterChef,” a group of amateur chefs compete in a series of challenges with short deadlines and stressful circumstances in an effort to win a $250,000 reward. In order to determine the finest home cook in the nation, the candidates are put through a series of tests and judged by Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich, and Aarรณn Sรกnchez. Season 10 of the cooking reality TV series, which debuted in 2019, also includes a stressful circumstance where chefs are forced to push their limits. We have all the information you need right here if you’re also curious about where the contestants are right now.

Where is Dorian Hunter Now?

Dorian made history by becoming the first African-American woman to win “MasterChef,” elevating the status of home cooks and redefining Southern food. Dorian’s passion for curating and producing has allowed her to continually improve her culinary skills. The winner and Nymble have since worked together to create a number of dishes that capture the warmth of Southern cooking. She also took part in “The Great Soul Food Cook-Off” and soon after that, she started her own business, Cultural Epicurean Network.


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As COO, Dorian is currently in charge of running the business. The television celebrity also has a successful private cooking business where she creates custom dishes for her clientele. Dorian has also collaborated with organisations dedicated to cancer research. After her mother died of breast cancer in 2017, she got committed to the cause. In addition, the chef from Georgia lives in blissful union with her husband Charles and daughters Meya and Zoe.

Where is Sarah Faherty Now?


The former army interrogator repeatedly overcame difficult obstacles to demonstrate her skill in the kitchen. Sarah Faherty has a steadfast resolve despite being defeated by Dorian. The mother-of-four from Florida launched the “Everyday Food & Wine” podcast after the show ended. The television personality welcomes sommeliers, chefs, and business titans from all around the world to discuss important issues in the food sector. Sarah, who is from Florida, has also appeared on Fox, Food & Wine Magazine, Taste of Home, and the shopping network QVC.


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The television celebrity is advancing her professional career as the activities in the kitchen continue to catch her attention. The former military intelligence veteran is employed by Venio Systems as a Global Enterprise Consultant and possesses skills in litigation discovery, data forensics, AI, and automation. She not only did this, but she also briefly worked as a real estate agent in San Diego. Sarah balances a successful career with making time for her family, which includes her husband Michael and their four kids.

Where is Nick DiGiovanni Now?

His talent to invent and create in the kitchen was consistently on display for the Forbes 30 under 30 list. Nick delayed enrolling at Harvard Business School after receiving a Magna Cum Laude from Harvard University in order to concentrate on cooking and launching his firm. Nick, who is based in Boston, has a diverse range of abilities. A community of food creators has been established on social media by the co-founder of Osmo Salts. Additionally, he has gained popularity online and even co-founded Voodles LLC, a business renowned for its distinctive pasta flavours.

Nick’s company is well renowned for using goods that stop the climate catastrophe from getting worse. The inventor of TikTok and Instagram also has a loyal fan base and frequently collaborates with stars and celebrities to provide fresh material. Nick is happy to have set multiple Guinness World Records in addition to fusing his Italian and Persian ancestry into his cuisine. Naturally, the young cook will experience more success.

Where is Noah Sims Now?


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After the show, Noah proceeded to advance his profession by utilising his cross-disciplinary abilities in planning, sales, and customer service. In addition to growing his private chef business, Noah also manages a number of neighbourhood activities. The founder of TikTok and an Instagram celebrity who enjoys working out utilises yoga to break down barriers. Noah has raised money for Ukraine and even taken part in a training session for firefighters. He runs operations at Shamrock Septic Service when he’s not focusing on content creation for his web platforms. The television star, who is based in Georgia, enjoys spending time with his loved ones.

Where is Shari Mukherjee Now?

The Rochester native dazzled the judges the entire time with her abilities. The two boys’ mother, who was a stay-at-home mom, has recently used her culinary skills to advance her career. Shari maintains a blog devoted to food and cooking in addition to gaining a sizable following on social media sites. In addition to her skill as a chef, Shari delights in happy families. The TV celebrity is married to Indian-American Piyush. Arjun and Rohan, the couple’s two sons, are also siblings.

Where is Subha Ramiah Now?


Subha selected a job in the food sector despite havi


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ng over 30 years of corporate expertise in IT, product development, and marketing. Subha quickly restored his position in operations after taking the top 5 slots. The father of two is currently Babylon’s Senior Director of Planning and Delivery, based in Texas. The media celebrity hasn’t abandoned his love of cooking, either. Subha is still a creative thinker who wants to express himself via food. In addition to this, he cherishes his time with his family, which includes his wife Viji, Kalvin, and Manjula.

Where is Micah Yaroch Now?

Micah, who was only 19 when he made an appearance on the cookery show, still uses food to showcase his abilities. He had previously worked for the Michigan-based Field and Fire Bakery and Cafe. At The Madison Bar & Kitchen in Chicago, he also served as the sous chef and pastry chef. At the moment, he holds a position as Pastry Chef at Venteux, a prestigious bakery in Chicago. In addition to his constantly changing work, Micah likes to travel. The adventurous soul frequently travels to quiet places to relish in isolation.

Where is Brielle โ€œBriโ€ Baker Now?


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Brielle’s unique plating skills made her stand out, but she ultimately had trouble handling fish. The television personality began concentrating on developing her skills after being fired for serving salmon that was still raw. Brielle made the decision to enter the field of food photography using her expertise in plating and love of photography. She has worked on pop-ups at Skyspace in Los Angeles, showcased her talents through the camera, and even had an appearance on Derrick Fox’s podcast. In addition to this, Brielle also works as a private chef and photographs cuisine for other businesses. The Dallas-based television personality keeps honing and refining her abilities.

Where is Jamie Hough Now?

Jamie had an advantage when handling seafood due to his decades of expertise as a seasoned fishing guide and professional angler. He went back to catching produce in the ocean once the episode ended. He has also highlighted his interests on his Instagram account. The Instagram creator works with various brands and frequently publishes pictures of his most recent catch. The ship Captain, based in South Carolina, even serves as a private chef for famous people and broadcasts the podcast “Eating Habits.” The BBQ fanatic loves spending time with his family, which includes his wife Eliza Hough and their kids.

Where is Fred Chang Now?

Fred, a native of Redondo Beach, frequently incorporates elements of his Taiwanese heritage into his cooking to achieve harmony. The television personality enjoys dividing his time between making desserts and working as an Area Director of Revenue Management for hotels in Southern California. He has excellent topic expertise in baking. The former student of Boston University also started Freddy’s Harajuku, a blog where he posts about the dishes he creates. Additionally, the travel enthusiast frequently ventures to far-flung locales in an effort to absorb other cultures and get fresh perspectives on various foods.

Where is Wuta Onda Now?


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Wuta was a front-runner in season 10, however she fell short of winning. The chef competed on “MasterChef: Back to Win” during Season 12 but was not awarded an apron. Nevertheless, the Bronx native’s career path is still developing. Middle school students are taught maths by Wuta, a public school instructor. In addition, he has teamed up with the Sylvia Center’s cooking class to instruct beginners on how to prepare plant-based meals. In addition to providing private chef services to famous people, the television personality has even staged a pop-up event at Nostrand Stadium. Wuta is still dedicated to enhancing his development and skills as a result.

Where is Renee Rice Now?

Despite finishing in second place for the season, the Ada native is still dedicated to developing her professional network. Renee has taken control of a bakery and even launched a private catering business since leaving reality television. The television personality enjoys relaxing and spending time with her loved ones when she is not working to collect recipes and improve her cooking skills.

Where is Samuel โ€œSamโ€ Haaz Now?


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The chef-turned-lawyer intended to dazzle the judges with his culinary prowess. He was, however, disqualified for improperly preparing the snapper. The television celebrity eventually went back to practising law. At Fox Rothschild LLP, Samuel is currently the Labour and Employment Attorney. Based in Philadelphia, the family has many happy times at home with their dog, Ziggy, together with his wife, Amy, and their boys, Jude and Jake.

Where is Keturah King Now?

Keturah has continued to showcase her variety of skills even if she might not have been able to outperform other home cooks in the competition. Keturah quickly took the decision to pursue filmmaking seriously once she left. The television celebrity started dedicating herself to the craft after helming her first movie, “Lotanna,” in 2017. She has since contributed to projects such as “The Love Between Us,” “Battleground,” and “Rain to Reign.”


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The multilingual person also works as a host, entrepreneur, and humanitarian. She has gradually demonstrated her cutting-edge journalistic abilities. She serves as the president of the African OTT media production business Kashura Productions. Not only that, but she also works as a Principal Consultant for the FinTech Origin Group, which is listed on the NYSE. Keturah is busy with a range of commitments and engagements due to her constantly expanding social media following.

Where is Elizabeth โ€œLizโ€ Linn Now?

Elizabeth, who was raised in Michigan, made the decision to advance her love of cooking at the age of 54. Liz started PlateVibes, a buzzy private chef service, after leaving “MasterChef.” She also offers her services as a sous cook and has experience working on charter vessels. She currently works out of the Latitude Margaritaville in Daytona Beach and teaches both adults and kids how to cook. Elizabeth also likes to spend time with her family and children.

Where is Michael Silverstein Now?

Michael returned to the exclusive kitchens of the cooking competition even though he did not win the coveted prize in season 10. The TV personality ultimately finished second on “MasterChef: Back to Win” Season 12. Additionally, he shed more than 80 pounds, and he has since devoted himself to writing cookbooks for the keto diet.

The name of the chef’s most recent book is “New Keto: Dinner in 30.” Michael has a second line of business in addition to being a chef: interior design. The television personality remodels single-family houses in three states and flips them. Michael, who resides in Los Angeles with his fiancรฉe, Jacob, keeps setting new standards for himself both emotionally and professionally.

Where is Evan Tesiny Now?

Evan returned to his managerial job after finishing his time on “MasterChef.” He is currently employed with Jili Property Management as the Director of Residences, based in New York. Evan has launched his private chef business in addition to this. Through his company, Eatwith, he offers services as a culinary and beverage consultant in addition to managing private dining events. Evan prefers to protect his privacy and keep things under wraps on a personal level.

Where is Kimberly White Now?

After defeating tens of thousands of competitors, Kimberly significantly demonstrated her culinary skills. She resumed her job as an artist, designer, and writer after leaving the programme. The Parsons School of Design alumnus is currently employed with Vince Camuto as a footwear designer. The Manhattan-based travel enthusiast keeps using her intersectional abilities to change the world.

Where is Deanna Colon Now?

Deanna already had a successful career as a singer, songwriter, and vocal teacher before she won the white apron and advanced to the Top 20 of “MasterChef.” Deanna has continued her career as a vocal instructor since quitting the competition. The television celebrity also hosts fundraising events on her platform. Deanna has judged “Hot Mess Express” in addition to singing in commercials and working with big singers like Justin Beiber and Nick Jonas.

Deanna, also known as “BombChica,” enjoys teaching cooking classes, working with well-known celebrities, and publishing when she is not producing culinary material. The Berklee graduate also works as an actress and collaborates with a number of brands. In addition to this, she lives in blissful union with her husband Manny and daughter Tiziana.

Where is Kenneth โ€œKennyโ€ Palazzolo Now?


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Kenny was ultimately booted from the competition when his attempt to convince the judges with his mushroom spaghetti fell short. The Boston native has continued his cooking escapades on social media after being removed. Since then, the media personality has launched his Live, Laugh and Cook Italian YouTube channel, where he shares generational cooking techniques and recipes with viewers. He enjoys relaxing and spending time with his wife, Robin, who works at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT, when he is not producing content for his online media platforms.

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