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Rico Burton Murder: Tracking the Whereabouts of Liam Opray

While the focus of the Netflix series “At Home With the Furys” is mostly on the Fury family, Tyson Fury’s friends and other people are also discussed in the show. Season 1 of the programme specifically featured Tyson’s cousin Rico Burton, who was killed when the boxer was abroad in Spain. People are naturally interested in learning more about the case and the person(s) who were responsible for this illegal conduct given the impact that incident had on Tyson. So let’s all investigate it collectively, shall we?

How Did Rico Burton Die?

at the wee hours of August 21, 2022, Rico Burton was at Altrincham, England’s Goose Green, a courtyard of taverns, with his family and friends. A brawl between two groups of people broke out at 3 AM, and one of the witnesses characterised it as “absolute chaos.” Malachi Hewitt-Brown was allegedly assaulted during the altercation by Rico’s cousin, Chasiah Burton. When Hewitt-Brown attempted to defend himself, Rico responded by striking him. However, a lock knife with a blade around seven inches long was used to stab him in the left side of the neck.

rico movie character,rico burton murder,rico burton murder trial,rico blanco voice classification,rico burton murdered

“Within five to six seconds of Chasiah Burton punching Mr. Hewitt-Brown, all of this occurred. Michael Brady KC, the prosecutor, described the incident as being highly quick-moving during the trial. A big neck artery was almost completely severed during the attack, causing Rico to lose a lot of blood. Tyson’s cousin experienced a heart arrest while being transported to the hospital, most likely as a result of the assault. Rico, age 31, was ultimately declared dead at 4:35 AM in the hospital. Notably, the same person who attacked Rico also attacked Harvey Reilly, who suffered a 14 cm wound to his chest wall and exposed ribs. He also had a significant injury to his left arm.

Who Killed Rico Burton?

Liam O’Pray has been named as Rico Burton’s murderer. Several witnesses claim that O’Pray was turned away from one of the bars on August 20, 2022, between the hours of 9 and 10. O’Pray allegedly attempted to re-enter the business in question earlier in the day, and when he was denied entry that evening, he threatened to return the next day to “cause an issue.”

rico movie character,rico burton murder,rico burton murder trial,rico blanco voice classification,rico burton murdered

O’Pray appeared to have attempted to enter King Pong pub just prior to the brawl that resulted in Rico’s death, but no one was allowed inside due to unrelated reasons. O’Pray appeared to become enraged by this and allegedly tried to force his way inside the business while claiming to have left his phone there. Shortly later, he and another individual got into a dispute with patrons outside the bar.

O’Pray, who was upset by the entire ordeal, appeared to take offence at Rico hitting Malachi Hewitt-Brown. He so stabbed Rico in the neck with his lock knife. He then allegedly started “indiscriminately waving the knife,” which caused Harvey Reilly to attack O’Pray and suffer personal injuries as a result. Ultimately, a blow knocked the man with the knife to the ground. An employee of a nearby pub reportedly arrived to aid O’Pray and discovered him in possession of a bloody knife.

Where is Liam O’Pray Now?

When Liam O’Pray was detained near the scene of the knife attack, three wraps of cocaine were allegedly found on him. The defendant’s blood was found to include ketamine, cocaine, and cannabis during his trial. O’Pray admitted to having a class A narcotic and an offensive weapon, but he refused to admit to the murder accusation that had been brought against him. In July 2023, his three-week trial came to an end. After three and a half hours of deliberation, the jury—consisting of five men and seven women—decided that he was accountable for mortally injuring Rico Burton.


O’Pray was also found guilty of intentionally injuring Harvey Reilly. The defendant was given a life term in prison for his crimes on August 4, 2023. He must serve a minimum of 28 years in prison before being eligible for parole. Rico’s mother, Deborah Burton, wrote in the victim impact statement, “Throughout the whole Traveller community, Rico will never be forgotten. A part of me perished the day he passed away. My heart was torn out and slashed into pieces.

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