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Sienna Sauce Net Worth: Exploring the Success of the Flavorful Brand

The mother-daughter team’s presence on Season 12 of Shark Tank resulted in a significant increase in Sienna Sauce net worth, so the family business’s sizzling success is likely to leave you wanting more.

Tyla-Simone Crayton, a young entrepreneur, created Sienna Sauce, which has completely revolutionised the food industry.

What began as a mission to develop the ideal chicken wing sauce has evolved into a thriving commercial empire. Tyla-Simone, who is only 17 years old, has already accomplished what most seasoned businesspeople only hope to do—create a six-figure empire.

Tyla-Simone started experimenting with sauces at the young age of eight after her favourite wing restaurant closed, and this was the beginning of Sienna Sauce’s successful journey.

Tyla-Simone and her mother, Monique Crayton, came to the realisation that they had something truly exceptional on their hands during their weekly family gatherings for ‘wing and wine Wednesdays’ in their Brooklyn flat.

They started selling wings topped with their own sauce in Sienna Plantation, Texas, and it quickly gained popularity there, increasing the company’s wealth.

Tyla-Simone and her mother decided to bottle the sauce in 2018, aiming for a bigger market after being encouraged by their success.

When they made an appearance on the popular television programme “Shark Tank” in 2021, they had their big break.

Sienna Sauce has increased its distribution to top stores around the country with the help of the investors and the rising demand for their product.

Continue reading to learn more about the mother-daughter team’s successful journey, the growth of their business, and their encounter with the shark tank.

The Origin of Sienna Sauce

Tyla-Simone Crayton and her mother Monique came up with the tasty and adaptable Sienna Sauce.

Their hometown of Sienna Plantation, Texas, inspired the name of the sauce. In 2017, the Craytons opened a pop-up restaurant in their home selling their own handmade sauce on chicken wings. This was the beginning of the Sienna Sauce story.

Tyla-Simone Crayton started her business venture with Sienna Sauce after overcoming several obstacles in the beginning.

This distinctive sauce has developed a close relationship with its customers over the course of three years, becoming a cherished household favourite.

Monique Crayton bravely decided to resign from her position in order to stand firmly by Tyla-Simone and support her daughter’s aspiration.

Their collaboration and unrelenting commitment laid the groundwork for Sienna Sauce’s success.

A testament to the overwhelmingly positive reception and high level of demand Sienna Sauce received from customers, within only eight months of its debut, it was selling between 700 and 1,000 wings every Friday night.

This remark gave Tyla-Simone the confidence she needed to start her own business at the young age of 8, using the $1,500 her mother gave her to buy bottles and labels. Every Sunday, she laboriously created sauces with passion and dedication and packaged them for sale to enthusiastic clients.

As Sienna Sauce gained popularity, Tyla-Simone had the chance to appear on a local Texas TV channel, giving her company a platform to develop.

Talk about crushing it!

She’s had some amazing successes along the way, like taking home $25,000 after winning the Strahan, Sara, and Keke Side Hustle Showdown on GMA3!

What are some of your most notable successes? Leave a remark below and share!

As her entrepreneurial path progressed, she achieved outstanding successes, winning events like the Strahan, Sara, and Keke Side Hustle Showdown on GMA3.

Tyla-Simone received recognised for her achievements outside of the business world as well, receiving a proclamation from the mayor of Houston.

She actively participates in her community as a board member of the Black History Club and a member of the American Sign Language Club (ASL), demonstrating her dedication to having a good influence outside of the commercial world.

Shark Tank pitch, The investment & negotiations

Tyla made the decision to take a chance on the well-known television programme “Shark Tank” in 2021 in order to raise money and advance her company.

Tyla-Simone and Monique requested $100,000 for a 10% equity investment in the business during their “Shark Tank” pitch.

Sienna Sauce was offered in 68 locations and had already made excellent sales of $255,000.

Due to the fierce competition in the sauce market and the company’s poor distribution, the majority of Sharks were apprehensive.

The sole investor eager to close a deal was jewellery designer and entrepreneur Kendra Scott.

For a 20% ownership stake in Sienna Sauce, she offered $100,000. Tyla-Simone attempted to bargain but the other Sharks cut her off, so she decided to take Scott’s offer.

In response to Scott’s actions, some fans voiced their displeasure, accusing her of “bullying” the Craytons into the agreement and speculating that the terms could have been different if the business had been owned by white people.

Tyla-Simone revealed that, despite the agreement made on “Shark Tank,” they had not yet received the $100,000 investment.

The investment was not complete, and the delay was brought on by continuous due diligence. The Craytons formed their own venture and raised money in the interim, amassing almost $102,234.

The investment was delayed, but Sienna Sauce is still doing well.

Where is Siennea Sauce now? Are they still in business?

Due to its versatility and utilisation of natural ingredients, Sienna Sauce distinguishes itself from other sauces. The sauce is gluten-free and made without high fructose corn syrup.

The sauce is praised for its great flavour and flexibility, even though some customers find it to be a little runnier than they anticipated.

Currently, Sienna Sauce may be purchased at well-known retailers like Target, Wegmans, H-E-B, and World Market.

There are four flavours of the honey-based sauce: sweet & tangy, lemon pepper, spice it up, and smokey brown. You can buy it on Amazon as well, either as individual bottles or in variety packs.

On social media, Sienna Sauce is still active, communicating with its fans frequently and marking accomplishments.

Recently, the business announced the arrival of a new 140-ounce size aimed towards restaurants. Sienna Sauce is still doing well, and its online and physical shop presence is expanding.

Sienna Sauce net worth- The valuation of the restaurant

It is safe to infer that the brand’s value has increased since its appearance on “Shark Tank” and its subsequent growth into retail outlets, even though the precise amount of Sienna Sauce’s net worth is not publicly known.

The estimated net worth of Sienna Sauce, according to some reports, is $1 million. The company was worth $500,000 before it entered the shark tank.

In just 24 hours after their “Shark Tank” appearance, the company sold $300,000 worth of goods. Sienna Sauce increased its presence to over 500 outlets and brought in $1 million in revenue over the course of three years.

With Tyla-Simone’s business vision, commitment, and a delicious product that is beloved by many, Sienna Sauce is unquestionably on a path to future success and a growth in its net worth.

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