8 Movies You Need To Watch ASAP If You Liked Aftersun

There are numerous hues and brushstrokes that can be used to paint a picture of a father-daughter relationship. There are happy and unforgettable moments and there are sad and depressing moments. In her directorial and feature picture debut, “Aftersun,” Charlotte Wells explores the connection between Calum and Sophie as they deal with adolescence, unemployment, and a mental health crisis. The father-daughter connection is shown in the film in all its splendor during a holiday.

After being away from her father for several years, Sophie thinks back on the fun moments they shared. She reflects on their shared memories and makes an effort to fill in the blanks in order to create a complete picture. The main characters Calum and Sophie are portrayed by Paul Mescal and Frankie Corio in the drama film. The movies listed below are ideal for you if you want to see ones that deal with fatherhood and the issues that surround it. The majority of these movies like “Aftersun” are available on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

A Little Inside (1999)

While Ed Millis cares for his daughter alone, he strives to fulfill his ambition of playing baseball. Hallie Eisenberg and Benjamin King play the main characters in the movie, which was written and directed by Kara Harshbarger. Ed, a single parent, must balance his obligations to his daughter with his career goals and aspirations. Many of the movie’s elements are shared with other father-daughter films on this list. Every spectator of the endearing family film connects with it because they recognize a part of their own family and themselves. This film emphasizes the intimacy and bond between a father and a daughter, just like “Aftersun.”

Fathers and Daughters (2015)

The protagonist of Gabriele Muccino’s drama film is Jake, a father who cares for his small daughter while grieving the loss of his wife. Katie, the daughter, draws parallels between her life and her father’s to understand the challenges she faces as an adult. The 27-year gap between the two parallel stories allows the film to effectively combine the challenges of both the father and the daughter. It enables viewers to understand how every little detail of a parent’s life influences the child’s viewpoint. In addition, because of the difficulties, Sophie and Katie must mature earlier than expected and become aware of the problems troubling their fathers.

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Jersey Girl (2004)

This comedy-drama film, written and directed by Kevin Smith, centers on Ollie, who must take care of his daughter while juggling his business and personal life. Maya moved in with her father after her mother passed away. Years after her birth, Ollie is still leading a drab existence with no room for his dreams. Jersey Girl does a good job of capturing the difficulties of being a single mom. Ollie and Maya are dependent on one another because they are the only people in their lives, and they are content with themselves. This feature reminds me of Calum and Sophie’s romance in “Aftersun.”

Leave No Trace (2018)

The adventure drama film “Leave No Trace” is based on Peter Rock’s book “My Abandonment” and centers on Will and Tom. They reside in peace in an urban park, apart from civilisation. The film, which was directed by Debra Granik, examines the complex bond between a father and his daughter who get along well. The two’s conflicting interests cause a rift between the father and daughter at first, but by the movie’s end, Will has accepted that his daughter should be allowed to live her life as she pleases. This film depicts a father-daughter relationship with all of its challenges and rewards, just as “Aftersun.”

Somewhere (2010)

In “Somewhere,” Johnny is a hopeless actor who lives in the posh Chateau Marmont and is looking for a reason for his existence. Johnny has a visit from his 11-year-old daughter Cleo (Elle Fanning), who now resides with her father in the artists’ commune, as he recovers from an accident. It seems that Cleo is raising both of them even though the father is reclusive and doesn’t seem to be up to the task.

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Beginning as near strangers, Johnny and Cleo eventually warm up to one another. They quickly establish a tender bond that is not your typical father-daughter dynamic, but it seems to work for them. Director Sofia Coppola is a master of the quiet relationship film, as this brilliant comedy demonstrates. Furthermore, “Somewhere” and “Aftersun” have a very similar circumstance and development of the father-daughter relationship.

Terms of Endearment (1983)

The comedy-drama film, which was directed by James L. Brooks, centers on Aurora’s search for love. Her daughter manages problems in her marriage in the interim. Together, the pair attempts to navigate the chaos of their respective lives. In “Terms of Endearment,” a crucial turning point occurs when children and parents start to resemble friends rather than dependents. Additionally, Aurora and Emma have a strong relationship that enables them to be happy in life. Like Calum and Sophie, Aurora and Emma have a strong bond that allows them to express themselves and live normally.

The Father (2020)

The bond between a father and daughter is the main focus of the film as the father is given a dementia diagnosis. Olivia Colman and Anthony Hopkins deliver stunning, career-best performances as they deal with the pressure. Even the closest of familial bonds may become challenging when the mind falters. The film, which Florian Zeller directed, is an intriguing portrayal of dementia portrayed from the father’s shifting, disintegrating point of view.

It gives a lot more than your standard film about a horrifying illness. However, the conflicting relationship between the father and daughter is the main focus. This drama film delves deeper into the father-daughter relationship, including all of its highs and lows, just as “Aftersun.”

This Boy’s Life (1993)

Based on Tobias Wolff’s true life, Leonardo DiCaprio plays Toby, who moves with his mother (Ellen Barkin) to the small Washington town of Concrete after her marriage to Dwight When the mother refuses to go, Toby is left to cope while looking for a long-term solution. The mother and boy, who are left alone, quickly realize that Dwight is unfriendly.

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Consequently, this drama picture effectively captures the subtleties and complexity of an abusive step-relationship. The film, which was directed by Michael Caton-Jones, examines both viewpoints and is compared to the challenges in “Aftersun.”


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