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15 Sexiest Movies on Hulu You Can Watch Right Now


While there are plenty of R-rated and even NC-17-rated videos on Hulu, you won’t discover any that are categorized as porn because the MPAA has yet to create a category for such a film. But, let’s be honest, let’s be honest with ourselves. The majority of these pornographic films are hideous and appear to be unfeasible at first. If you truly want to become excited, a sensual movie is a better option than straight-up porn. The most important element that pornographic films often overlook but that erotic filmmakers have nailed is the imagination. While porn leaves nothing to the imagination, a sexy R-rated or TV-MA film nevertheless has a lot of potential.

Sexiness is a very abstract adjective that is sometimes interpreted as nudity, primarily in the form of naked women, and other times as acts of sex and vigour. While both of these descriptions are correct, sexiness is defined by more than just these characteristics. Having said that, let’s be clear: just because some films on our list contain sexual content and occasionally explicit nudity doesn’t mean they’re bad. The majority of the Hulu movies listed below are well worth watching. Let’s take a look at the top sexiest movies on Hulu right now now that we’ve cleared everything up. Please keep in mind that several of these films have been rated R or TV-MA by the MPAA.

A Teacher (2013)

The narrative of Diana Watts, an English teacher who has developed a romantic bond with one of her students, Eric, is told in ‘A Teacher,’ an independent film that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Despite the fact that they are both sexually active, Eric does not take their relationship as seriously as Diana does. Diana understands she needs to end this connection after a couple minor incidences almost lead to the pair being caught in the deed. Because if she is discovered, her reputation and teaching career will be ruined. Diana is able to objectively reassess the relationship thanks to the space she establishes between herself and Eric, and she begins to feel that the distance will make her fall even more in love with him. The film is largely shot indoors, with only a few lights used. The light and shadows we see on screen figuratively capture Diana’s thoughts and emotions as the story proceeds. Furthermore, despite the fact that there is a lot of skin on display, the sex scenes are shot fairly artistically.

Beach Rats (2017)

Eliza Hittman’s sophomore directorial effort tells the narrative of Frankie, a Brooklyn adolescent (Harris Dickinson). He is aimless in life and spends the majority of his days frolicking around his neighborhood and hanging out with his scumbag pals. Frankie has even found a girlfriend, although the connection is not taken seriously by him. Frankie is a heroin addict who looks for gay men to have sex with for money to sustain his habit. The video also establishes that he is not a true gay and that his homosexual interactions are solely motivated by financial gain. Despite Frankie’s best efforts to keep this part of his life distinct from his other identity with his friends and fiancée, the endeavor grows increasingly difficult as time passes. Dickinson’s great portrayal goes a long way toward allowing us to connect with the guy and the circumstance he finds himself in. ‘Beach Rats’ beautifully captures the restlessness of young people who want to leave the safety of their homes and venture out into the world.

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Boys (2014)

‘Boys,’ or as it was originally named, ‘Jongens,’ is a Dutch TV movie about a teenager’s sexual awakening, and it illustrates beautifully how this phase in a person’s life can be both confusing and delightful. The film’s major character is a young child named Sieger. This 15-year-old has joined an athletics team with whom he will train and compete in the national relay championships later this year. It is here that he meets and falls in love with another guy named Marc. Though Sieger initially believes it is a one-way attraction, he quickly realizes that Marc adores him as well. As the two of them become closer, Sieger’s feelings become more difficult as he develops feelings for another girl. The film deals with a coming-of-age teenager’s personal sexual problems as well as his family situation. ‘Boys,’ with its great performances and impressive screenplay, is one of the best R-rated films available on Hulu.

Four Lovers (2010)

This film raises issues about modern relationships and the terminology and conditions we use to categorize our love relationships. Rachel and Franck, and Vincent and Teri, are the central characters in the story. When Rachel and Vincent meet professionally for the first time, she invites Franck and his wife Teri to dinner at her home. While Franck and Teri’s sexual chemistry grows, Rachel and Vincent aren’t far behind. Both couples agree that they will not impose any rules or boundaries on what they share and will simply enjoy it. It is not, however, as simple as it appears. The human heart does not always follow logic or reason, and all four of these individuals recognize how difficult it is to stick to their commitments. Although the picture is well-shot, it must be mentioned that, aside from complicated matters for both his characters and the audience, director Antony Cordier fails to give open partnerships a new depth.

Heartland (2016)

‘Heartland,’ a film directed by Maura Anderson and starring Velinda Godfrey and Beth Grant, is an intriguing take on homosexual relationships. Lauren (Godfrey) is the key character of the film, and she is an artist who has been left profoundly damaged by the death of her girlfriend. She has fallen behind on rent and may soon find herself homeless after spending the most of her time caring for her lover in the last four months. Lauren finds refuge in her brother and his fiancée Carrie (Laura Spencer), who allow Lauren to develop logos for the vineyard they are going to open. When Lauren and Carrie develop romantic feelings for each other and get sexually involved, everything falls apart. When this is revealed, their fractured family quickly descends into pandemonium. The director exposes each of her characters’ points of view without bias, and as a result, each of them becomes strong enough to be remembered.

Marguerite & Julien (2015)

This 2015 French film is a modern retelling of real events between the two titular characters that occurred in the 17th century. Marguerite and Julien were the children of a French nobleman, and they grew up to be quite close. When the two children’s profound affinity lasted far into puberty, their parents and other family members began to question if their relationship had turned sexual. This film takes this historical context and puts it in a contemporary setting. Surprisingly, the screenplay for this picture was created by screenwriter Jean Gruault, who wished to collaborate with none other than Francois Truffaut on the project. Despite such magnificent connections, the film falls flat on its face due to poor execution and an uneven style that becomes increasingly difficult to follow throughout the film.

No Strings Attached (2011)

‘No Strings Attached,’ a romantic comedy starring Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher, tells the story of Adam and Emma, who reunite 15 years after last seeing each other at a summer camp. A lot has happened in both of these characters’ lives since then. While Emma works as a medical resident, Adam works on the fringes of the entertainment business, attempting to break into the industry as a writer. When Adam meets Emma, he is in a terrible mood since he has recently discovered that one of his old lovers has moved in with his own father. When Emma suggests that they engage into a relationship solely for their sexual needs, without adding any romantic overtones to what they are going to share, Adam happily agrees. Things, however, do not always go as to plan. The discussions are enjoyable, and the two principal actors’ performances are well-balanced. Beyond that, though, the picture does not have much to offer. The intriguing drama between Adam and his father had the potential to be explored, but it was primarily left unexplored.

Professor Marston And The Wonder Women (2017)

If the new DC blockbuster starring Gal Gadot piqued your curiosity in the character of Wonder Woman, you must see this movie. This 2017 video offers a fascinating depiction of the life of William Moulton Marston, a psychologist. Wonder Woman was created by Marston, who based the character on his wife and mistress’ personalities, and this video illustrates the process of how the character came to be in the first place. Marston’s wife Elizabeth, who was also a distinguished psychologist, and his mistress Olive both knew and were intimately engaged with each other. The two women continued to live together after Marston died. The sex scenes in this film are more suggestive than explicit, and the presentation of the act is far more engaging than the deed itself. Furthermore, the three principal actors’ compelling performances lend a great deal of credibility to the film’s intricate relationships.

Secretary (2002)

I’ll admit that I’ve never looked at Maggie Gyllenhaal in quite the same way as I did after seeing this film. I mean, she’s a fantastic actress who’s delivered some great performances, but I was like, “Damn!” when I saw this movie. She is quite attractive. I’m not sure how I missed that angle. Anyway, enough about my pervy existence; let’s get back to the plot. Maggie portrays Lee Holloway, a young woman who was sent to a mental institution for self-mutilation. She is currently out of prison and pursuing secretarial training in order to find work. She does obtain a good job, but her employer, Edward, played by James Spader, is a little strange. He has a sexual fetish for submissive women. Lee, desiring some excitement in her life, follows her boss’s orders and finds herself in a love triangle with both her lover and her boss.

Tom Of Finland (2017)

‘Tom Of Finland,’ a biopic centered on the life of Touko Laaksonen, takes its title from the pseudonym used by its primary figure. Laaksonen was a homoerotic artist who, thanks to his work, earned a very well-known figure during his lifetime. After returning from World War II, Laaksonen began painting, and his homoerotic works quickly captured the attention of Helsinki’s postwar gay community. The video also depicts how Laaksonen’s art alienated him from his family and Finnish culture. The film was highly-received, owing to the way it reflects the complexities of its protagonist’s life, as well as the numerous ups and downs he had to endure.

The Duchess of Langeais (2007)

If you enjoy story-driven films, there isn’t much in here for you to enjoy, or rather, the plot isn’t what makes the picture worthwhile to watch. It’s mostly about interactions between two characters who are joyful yet keep their emotions bottled up. Armand de Montriveau, a French general, and Antoinette le Langeais, a socialite, are the two characters. Antoinette is a nun at the moment. Armand one day resolves to speak with Antoinette, whom he believes to be the lady with whom he once fell completely in love. The viewers are shown the former lives of these two people when he makes touch with her. Even though she was married, Antoinette was once enthralled by the French soldier. The feelings were similar to Armand’s desire for Antoinette to be his sweetheart. They had a number of encounters during which they became closer, but things became much more problematic as time went on. Is it possible that it became too much for them to handle?

The Princess of Montpensier (2010)

For centuries, kings all over the world have used their daughters for political advantage by marrying them off against their will to foreign rulers in order to keep peace between two countries. The film in question follows a similar course, and is based on the life of heiress Marie (Mélanie Thierry), whose father desires that she marry a high-ranking soldier of his choosing. Marie resists the marriage since she is in love with someone else, but her protests fall on deaf ears, and she is soon married to the man her father has chosen for her. As the conflict engulfs France’s political landscape, Marie plots her own war in her bedroom. This film, which focuses on the struggle of women in a world governed by males and their appetites, is worth watching thanks to great performances and screenplay.

Venus In Fur (2013)

‘Venus In Fur’ is a novel by Austrian writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, and it was based on the novel by American David Ives, who created a play with the same title about a director who is preparing to produce his adaptation of the novel. This play by Ives served as the idea for the film directed by Roman Polanski. The film’s major character is Thomas Novacheck, a director who is ready to stage ‘Venus In Fur’ for the first time. We initially encounter him in a theatre in Paris, where he is auditioning actresses for the leading role. Thomas spent an entire day without seeing a single performer who has the skills to take on such a difficult part. This is precisely the point at which he meets Vanda, an actress. Thomas is convinced that she will be great for the role because of her compelling stage presence and charm, which allows her to capture the essence of the character from the first reading.

XX/XY (2002)

The nuances of a three-way romantic and sexual relationship between Coles (Mark Ruffalo), an animator, and college-goers Sam (Maya Stange) and Thea (in this 2002 romantic drama film) are explored in this 2002 romantic drama film (Kathleen Robertson). The three of them meet for the first time at a party and quickly become friends. Coles and Sam form a relationship that Thea does not approve of as they go down a rabbit hole of desire and lust. They fall apart as she starts to generate friction between the three of them, and they don’t see each other for eight years. When they finally meet, Sam is married, and Coles has lived with his girlfriend for five years. They forget about their obligations, and the three of them rekindle an illicit friendship that could jeopardize their respective romantic endeavors. With people that are more guided by their instincts and appetites than by their morality, this film attempts to investigate the limitations of socially approved relationships. One of the best features of the picture is Ruffalo’s performance.

Young And Beautiful (2013)


This 2013 film tells the narrative of Isabelle, a 17-year-old girl who loses her virginity to a male during her summer vacation at school and subsequently becomes a prostitute for some quick cash. Isabelle adopts the alias Lea and attracts a large number of clients who pay her well for her services. Georges (Johan Leysen), a 63-year-old man who becomes one of the regulars, is her favorite client. Georges passes away from heart failure while having sex one day, and Isabelle’s ruse is blown to bits. Her mother has grounded her, but because she is a juvenile, she is not facing any criminal charges. Isabelle, on the other hand, is unable to forgive herself for what happened to Georges and continues to berate herself for the consequences of her actions. Isabelle agrees to see the woman after learning that Georges’ widow had left her a message on the number she keeps for her business relations. The film brilliantly portrays the protagonist’s inexperience, which causes her to take numerous actions that determine the fate of the other characters. The film also features excellent performances and some quite nasty sex scenes.

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