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Single’s Inferno Season 1 Cast Members: Where Are They In 2023?

Following a successful first season, Single’s Inferno, a dating program produced by K-Entertainment, has returned to Netflix for a second season. The show places a bunch of attractive singles in an island setting ideal for romance and drama as couples pair up, similar to Love Island and Bachelor in Paradise.

Fans are curious in what happened to the season one single and whether they stayed with the people they dated on the show or if, like many other participants on dating shows, they have returned to looking for love elsewhere now that the second season is streaming.

An Yea Won


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Yea Won, a fitness instructor who appeared on the show in search of love, won admirers with her cheerful outlook and lively personality. Because they had the makings of a classic reality dating show duo, fans were thrilled to see her partnered up with Jun-Sik, but their relationship also failed.

She acknowledged that they were no longer dating but remained close friends in a YouTube Q&A. Yea Won is currently modeling and working with several brands, especially sports ones, like she did before she featured on the show, according to her Instagram.

Cha Hyun Seung

Another of Ji-A’s suitors who left the island without finding love was Cha Hyun Seung. Hun Seung is currently preparing for the premiere of Netflix Korea’s new program Physical:100, in which he will face off against 99 other contenders in demanding tests that will push the competitors to their limits.

According to his Instagram, Hyun Seung is a professional dancer when he isn’t on TV and has traveled with K-Pop bands. Even when he has leisure in between episodes, Hyun Seung uploads videos of him dancing with pals to his social media accounts.

Choi Si Hun

For lovers of sappy K-Drama Choi Si Hun was a pleasant sight because both the performers and the audience were familiar with him from his work on many K-Entertainment programs. Si Hun took part in the dramatic conclusion debate in which Ji-A selected Kim Hyeon Joong as her partner, leaving Si Hun alone.

Si Hun continues to develop as an entrepreneur and travel with friends despite the fact that he left single, according to his Instagram. Since Si Hun’s appearance hasn’t altered much since the show, it is safe to infer that people are still in disbelief over the business owner’s advanced age.

Kang So Yeon

As the athletic CEO who was hunting for love when she first appeared on the show, Kang So Yeon appeared to have found it with Oh Jin-taek for the majority of the season. It appears the two are no longer together based on her Instagram. Although many competitors choose to keep their relationships private on social media, it appears that the pairing was not a romantic one at this time.

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Because So Yeon was formerly a member of the group WE, K-Pop fans were thrilled to see her on the show. Even though those times are behind her, she continues to manage her training business and athleisure line while putting in serious soccer training, as she demonstrated on her YouTube channel.

Kim Hyeon Joong

As viewers realized that Kim Hyeon Joong was only interested in Ji-a, he quickly rose to the top of the show’s fan favorites list because they wanted the couple to leave the island together.

Hyeon Joong has been adamant that the two are still friends and has no harsh emotions towards Ji-A, despite the fact that the couple did leave together but separated after the show, as was noted in the Asia One article. Hyeon Joong is currently running his own clothing business and posing for them as well, according to his Instagram, something he did before appearing on the reality dating show.

Kim Jun Sik

Kim Jun Sik has been doing well for himself since the show, despite the fact that his romance with An Yeon Won wasn’t meant to be. Jun Sik continues to run his food business Kamee, which offers clients energy-boosting snacks. Due to Jun Sik’s appearance on the show and the show’s viewers’ interest in what he is doing, the business seems to be expanding.

After being a part of the show, Jun Sik shared a number of collages of himself with the other cast members on Instagram, demonstrating that despite how the show ended, the experience drew the friends closer, and they still meet together occasionally.

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Kim Su Min


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Kim Su Min, another latecomer to the island’s singles scene, quickly connected with two possible partners. Su Min, however, was left without any potential suitors after neither of them worked out as she had anticipated.

With the title Tipsy Talk With My BF, the aspiring model and actress recently uploaded a video to YouTube depicting a night out with a buddy. Some admirers assumed this was a video announcing her new relationship, however BF was actually a reference to her closest friend. Su Min has reportedly starred in a number of commercials and K-Dramas, and she is working to expand her CV.

Moon Se Hoon


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Audiences were taken on a rollercoaster of emotions as Moon Se Hoon and Shin Ji-Yeon made it plain that Ji-Yeon was the one person for him while Ji-Yeon expressed some doubt. Se Hoon has been doing well for himself even though they didn’t finish up remaining together after the show, as Ji-Yeon acknowledged in a YouTube video on her channel.

The young businessman, who also owns three restaurants, models, as seen on his Instagram, and frequently promotes apparel labels. Se Hoon launched a YouTube channel to interact regularly with his fans, like many of his cast mates.

Oh Jin Taek


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Kang So Yeon first noticed Oh Jin Taek as the stylish contestant at the start of the program. Jin Taek, or Bruno as he goes by on Instagram, has since kept up his work in the fashion sector for a number of high-end labels and his tailoring business, which he had been doing for eight years at the time of the exhibition.

Since neither has verified their relationship, fans are forced to conjecture about their relationship status. However, they frequently seem to post in the same, if not the same location, at the same time. He most recently shared a photo of a soccer field, which would be a sign that the couple is still together given that So Yeon has been practicing soccer and posting videos of it on her YouTube channel.

Seong Min Ji


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Seong Min Ji entered the competition rather late, thus fans only knew that she had a twin who followed a similar career route as a model. Following her appearance on the show, Min Ji has continued to model for numerous brands and, based on her Instagram, has been around the globe.

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Min Ji has been spending time with her fellow cast members despite the fact that she departed the program without a love partner. She released Instagram images of the meeting that sparked a fan frenzy. According to what can be seen on her social media, Min Ji appears to be entirely dedicated to her job and becoming a well-known model.

Shin Ji-Yeon


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Moon Se Hoon and Shin Ji Yeon departed the Single’s Inferno island together, however it appears that the two did not find love in the end, as many of the couples from the finest reality dating shows do not.

Ji-Yeon announced that she is single and asked people to stop asking her if she has a partner in a video posted on her YouTube page to mark the start of the new year. Ji-Yeon has previously stated that she is single. She also mentions how busy she has been and how much she misses Canada, where she did her academic study.

Song Ji-A

Song Ji-a entered the contest as a well-known social media beauty influencer—a Love Island cliche. She was coveted by more than one of the show’s male contestants because many of the candidates already knew who she was.

Since appearing on the program, Ji-a’s Instagram and Freezia YouTube channels have both grown in popularity. According to Asia One, she had broken up with her “puppy,” Kim Hyeon Joong. The report also mentioned Ji-a’s involvement in a scandal after it came to light that she had posted photos of herself wearing bogus luxury clothing to appear wealthier than she actually was and to maintain the online persona she had developed. Later, she apologized and erased the posts.

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