10 Romantic Movies Like Crazy Stupid Love To Watch 2022

This post is for you if you appreciate romantic comedies. We decided it was important to select the top 10 rom-com movies of all time for you because there are hundreds of thousands of movies like Crazy Stupid Love where you can obtain a clear picture of romcom. Crazy, foolish love is a classic when it comes to romcoms.

If you ask a random stranger if they’ve watched this movie, more than 80% of them will reply yes. This is the list for you if you adore insane, ridiculous love movies and want to see more of them. As a result, today we will examine the top ten best movies for you to see, such as crazy dumb love. So, without further ado, here’s where we’ll begin:

500 days of summer

Despite the fact that 500 Days of Summer is not a rom-com, it is commonly categorized as one due to its basic storytelling techniques. It tells the story of a man who realizes his actual calling in life while attempting to understand why his love, Summer, abandoned him.

This is why the movie is called 500 Days of Summer, after the number of days he spent with this lady named Summer. In order to go back and understand how and why their relationship went sour, he discovers the things that bring him delight and the things he may call passion.

Regardless of whether or not you have seen Crazy Stupid Love, 500 Days of Summer is a very wholesome picture that is always a great recommendation to see.

We recommend starting with 500 Days of Summer if you like the concept of crazy dumb love and want to understand more about the genre. Also, if you’ve recently broken up, this film may be able to assist you in discovering your true loves in life, so good luck!

Definitely maybe

Definitely one of the best examples of Ryan Reynolds’ ability to complicate any film. It might be defined as the 100-minute feature film How I Met Your Mother.

As a result, he tells his daughter about three lovely romcoms and dares her to figure out who looks most like her mother. Unlike other romcoms, you already know how the story ends, which adds to the film’s appeal. This film is for you if you adore insane, foolish love and Ryan Reynolds.

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Going the distance

Going the Distance is a rom-com in which the plot is literally translated as “going the distance.” Going the Distance is a film in which one of the couple’s characters must, as the title suggests, physically “go the distance.” Going the Distance is a lovely rom-com about long-distance relationships starring Drew Barrymore and Justin Long.

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This film is a great example of how the cast can change the general course of the tale. Although there are probably dozens of films with similar plots, Drew and Justin do a fantastic job of keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

Going the Distance is about long-distance relationships, so it focuses on a few challenges, roadblocks, and answers. In terms of entertainment value, the plot of the film is inconsistent; but, as previously said, the cast handles the tougher sections beautifully. If you like crazy, idiotic love, you’ll adore this rom-com.

La la land

You’ll like the Oscar-winning picture La La Land if you’re a hopeless romantic. The film La La Land is about a failed jazz musician (Ryan Gosling) and the woman he meets (Emma Stone). Music is the sole protagonist in this film, which follows the growth of their love.

La-la Land is an emotional roller coaster with a happy but tragic ending. If you enjoyed watching Ryan Gosling help Cal Weaver become the player, you’ll enjoy how this film switches the roles of these two characters.

Ryan Gosling plays a man who falls in love with Emma Stone, which is not unheard of, but the story continues from there, depicting the various stages of a relationship. La La Land is the film for you if you enjoy watching people express their love via music and are interested in films that do not have a socially acceptable “happy ending.”

No strings attached

No strings attached is a really “cool” picture in comparison to the first film we discussed. Without any links to your current relationships, you are more likely to reconsider them and choose friends with benefits. The phrase preceding is well-known today, although it was not so well-known during the time period shown in the film.

On the other side, two people looking for merely physical affection get to meet one other and keep it to basic human needs. Is it feasible for them to keep it purely to their desires, or do their somewhat human personalities get in the way? This is the plot of the film, so if you’ve previously seen Crazy, Stupid Love, it’s a good choice.

There aren’t any strings attached. In both practical and inadvertent ways, try to bring out the nonplatonic component of a connection. We strongly suggest you to check it out if the sound of it appeals to you. The film “Friends with Benefits,” which is based on the same concept, is likewise a huge success. For anyone who appreciates crazy, foolish love with no ties attached, Friends with Benefits is a must-see.

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One day

This picture, which boasts Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess among its excellent cast, is next on the list. The novel “one day,” which is well-known in the literary world, is the inspiration for this film. Fans of the literature, as is common, declare that the film adaptation of the novel is the worst one day.

This is due to Anne Hathaway’s phony British accent, which makes readers wish the female protagonist of the novel was American. Both sides, though, give amazing performances, making this a wonderful picture to see on a relaxing evening.

The story revolves around two young individuals from opposing sides of the tracks who resolve to continue their long-running friendship. Every year on July 15th, they intend to come together to share their thoughts, feelings, and recollections from the preceding year.

After a long time, they finally realize they were looking for each other. If you’ve just seen Crazy Stupid Love and want to watch something a little more calm, this is a must-see. This film is for you if that seems like your cup of tea.

Obvious Child

This film, unlike the others on this list, isn’t heavily focused on the love story. The Obvious Child is a film about a woman who has to decide whether or not she wants an unplanned child. Jenny slate, an aspiring comic, realizes she is pregnant after a drunken night with a college graduate named Jake Lacy.

Before deciding whether or not to have a child, though, this young comic must figure out how to deal with adulthood. Jenny Slate and Jake Lucy give amazing performances in The Obvious Child, which is a fantastic picture. After you’ve seen crazy stupid love, we recommend The obvious child, which has a fantastic blend of comedy and drama.

Silver linings playbook

Silver Linings Playbook is an emotional roller coaster of a movie. Silver Linings Playbook is a piece of art starring Bradley Cooper, Robert Dinero, and Jennifer Lawrence, and it has been nominated for over seven awards, including best actress, best picture, and others.

He notices that things have changed when he is transferred to rehabilitation. He obtains a new character with whom he has a rocky connection till the end, despite an already difficult existence of survival. Jennifer Lawrence is one-of-a-kind. The movie effectively illustrates the impact of mental health issues on a relationship, making it a must-see for Millenials.

This is a move we definitely recommend if you want to observe how real difficulties are solved and how the characters deal with them. If you liked Crazy, Stupid Love, you’ll appreciate this one as well.

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The nice guys

Similar to Crazy Stupid Love, The Nice Guys is another wonderful film starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. Ryan Gosling appears in every other film on this list, which is amusing. After all, he could be the sorcerer. The Nice Guys is an overlooked action thriller, aside from the jokes.

The two heroes meet and fall in love with a woman named Amelia, who suddenly vanishes. During her search, they learn that very deadly people are also on the lookout for Amelia, and that many have perished in the process.

The film is a must-see due to its amazing comedic timing and insanely well-written plot. The Nice Guys is a must-see for everyone who enjoys wild, idiotic love or Ryan Gosling in general. This film contains several situations that will make your stomach hurt from laughter, making it a fun film to watch. If you haven’t seen this film yet, we strongly suggest that you do so.

The 40-year-old virgin

The title of the film is the biggest plot spoiler. The protagonist of this film is a 40-year-old lady who has never had sex. Steve Carrel’s performance as the lead in this romantic comedy is one of the best you’ll ever watch in terms of comic timing. Steve Carella’s performance as a 40-year-old virgin is one of his greatest, and it deserves to be on our list.

The plot revolves around Steve Carell, a shop worker who must overcome his timidity around female customers, which initially appeared impossible.

The film, however, goes off on a nice romantic tangent with a woman he meets at the shop, and then everything goes wrong. You’ll love the intricacies in this picture if you like Cal Weaver’s troubles with women after his fiancée left him. You should watch The 40-Year-Old Virgin if you just completed seeing Crazy, Stupid Love.

If you haven’t seen Crazy, Stupid Love, the films we just mentioned are the best in this category. We are convinced that if you haven’t seen any of the films yet, you will appreciate them all. Until then, keep scrolling!

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