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30 Highly Recommended Korean Movies On Netflix (February 2022)

Netflix has tons of Korean movies, so many that if you start watching them back to back, it’d take you weeks to complete. In this pool of movies how do you search for the best Korean movies on Netflix? Simple, you look up a list of highly recommended korean Movies on Netflix. And here you are.

Korean flicks have now been finding a total lot of interest in the past few years. From horror to comedies being enchanting Koreans made it a spot to drive the boundaries of is there a norm, picking out crazy special storylines and tackling perhaps the many uncomfortable topics head-on. Overall, their storytelling design is extremely gripping and engaging and their particular cinematography is very unique. Therefore with all that said, here’s the menu of excellent films which are korean Netflix that are offered to stream right now.



Make some popcorn and get willing to settle in with this specific secret thriller from 2017. The storyline uses Jin-seok, whom witnesses his bro Yoo-seok’s abduction. After 19 times, Yoo-seok returns home one evening with no memory of just what occurred, leading your family to believe he repressed those memories which are horrid. Immediately after, Jin-seok realizes that both their moms and dads and brother tend to be acting very strange and tries to seek help but ultimately ends up getting kidnapped by their “brother.” Jin-seok is then thrown right into a murder that is confusing and efforts to clear their name while fighting whatever features gotten your hands on their parents and bro. This is one of the best korean thrillers on Netfix.



This movie is based on the short-story Barn Burning from The Elephant Vanishes by Haruki Murakami, a world-renowned author this is certainly japanese. The South korean secret that is psychological employs some guy called Jong-soo whom incurs Hae-mi, a woman just who utilized to call home in the area. He could be asked by her to view her pet while she’s in Africa and when she returns, Hae-mi presents Jong-soo to a guy called Ben who she met right here. Ben then informs Jong-soo about their pastime: Every 2 months, he burns off an abandoned greenhouse—and there are many in Jong-soo’s town. Whenever Hae-mi seemingly disappears, Jong-soo, who has always liked her, starts to think play that is foul. Precisely what follows will leave you clutching your blanket in suspense.



When an earthquake strikes a tiny city this is certainly korean homes a rundown atomic power-plant, it triggers an explosion that quickly affects Jae-hyeok, who life into the city, and his fan Yeon-joo, which works in the plant. The situation spirals out of control, and it’s up to Jae-hyeok along with his colleagues to return to your power that is atomic to save everyone.

Svaha: The Sixth Finger


Mystery, thrills, and also the entice that is occult in the Korean movie, Svaha: The Sixth Finger. The story begins with a flashback of two twin women becoming created, but one being cast away on her distinctions being actual. On the other side is really a pastor whoever work is to reveal cults, who’s assigned with looking into a mysterious team that is spiritual. Inside the research, he uncovers a story this is certainly startling belief system. Visitors are certain to get chills whilst the pastor learns of the creator associated with cult and his connections being dark scriptures depicting a snake coming to eradicate the light. As the market might believe obtained the ending determined, there exists a twist that is significant no one views coming regarding whom the actual evil is. If you like mystery this Korean movie on Netflix would definitely interest you.

The Chase

Featuring the best man this is certainly old, some hilarious black coloured humor, and many truly slow foot chases, ‘The Chase’ seems to be ironically known as. This is a comedy-thriller murder mystery movie about two old men – a moody home owner and a washed-up investigator – who will be wanting to resolve a murder secret from 30 years ago and capture a serial killer in our that has been killing older people folk inside a city that is tiny. ‘The Chase’ is directed by Kim Hong-sun and stars stars that are veteran Dong-il and Yun-Shik Baek. Initial 1 / 2 of the film focuses on starting the premise and is mainly light-hearted with a few moments somewhat sluggish, nevertheless the film paces up within the half this is certainly 2nd ultimately, it life up to its thriller categorization.

26 Years

Set around the Gwangju massacre of 1980, whenever an fire that is open ordered on civilians who’d wounded and killed thousands of people, ’26 Years’ recounts the horrors regarding the event in the midst of the victims, 26 many years following the event happened. Obviously, it had been President Chun Doo-hwan, who had been in charge of the massacre. Five males, who had been perhaps the largest losers and sufferers associated with massacre, team up collectively to make the man down who was simply responsible for derailing and demeaning several thousand everyday lives. ’26 Years’ claims loads but somehow doesn’t deliver in the long run.

Seoul Searching

Described by Netflix as “offbeat, raunchy, and romantic,” this 2015 movie is approximately Korean teens increased far away who journey to Seoul to learn about their particular heritage that is cultural at summer camp arranged by the government. The movie is defined in 1986 and explores the teenagers’ coming-of-age, along with dilemmas such as for instance race to their grappling and identification. It’s based on the real story of exactly what director Benson Lee experienced as a child as he took part in a similar program that is government-sponsored. It is one of the best romantic Korean movies on Netflix.

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This 2017 movie is directed by Bong Joon-ho, and that means you know it’s worth a wristwatch. Without revealing too much, here is the story line: The Mirando Corporation is enthusiastic about reproduction pigs which can be awesome sends all of them to farmers throughout the world is raised. For decade, Mija has been okja this is certainly raising the mountains of South Korea; one day, Okja is crowned the “best super pig” because of the corporation and it is planned you need to take to New York City. Devastated, Mija establishes out for a trip to truly save her buddy and in the procedure reveals the evildoings associated with Mirando Corporation. This film features a effective cast that is ensemble the likes of Tilda Swinton, Lily Collins, and Jake Gyllenhaal. It is one of the best Korean movies on Netflix.

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In Paradise evening

This 1’s got a lot going for it if you like Asian gangster flicks. Mobster Park Tae-goo (Uhm Tae-goo) flees to Jeju Island after he suffers a household this is certainly brutal, with killers hot on their path. There he fulfills Kim Jae-yeon (Jeon Yeo-been), terminally sick, with secrets of her own—who also knows her way around a firearm. This will become important later on. Directed by Park Hoon-jung (New World), who is mastered the dark and crime that is violent, the movie’s got some smooth, quiet views, accompanied by intense action which includes (no spoilers) among the craziest shootouts in current memory.


Directed by Yeon Sang-ho (just who also directed Train to Busan), Psychokinesis is just a superhero motion picture that centers on lender protection shield Suk-Hun. After drinking tap water coming from a hill springtime which was hit by way of a meteor, Suk-Hun finds himself with telekinetic superpowers. His estranged daughter, Roo-Mi, runs a chicken this is certainly fried this is certainly under risk of becoming bought out by way of a construction company—which is managed by the mafia, which also would like to kick the neighbors out of the area. A conflict happens between the thugs, Roo-Mi, along with her mommy. Suk-Hun attempts to use his abilities which are newfound rescue his child through the mafia as well as the community. Will he succeed?

The Drug King

This drama that is true-story around a small-time narcotics dealership Lee Doo-sam (played by Song Kang-ho), just who sooner or later becomes the infamous king of narcotics in Korea in the ’70s. In addition to drugs which can be offering Korea, he also exported to Japan and smuggled diamonds as well as other items. Within the motion picture, Jo Jung-suk plays a Seoul prosecutor who would like to deliver Lee down, and Bae Doona plays a lobbyist whom helps Lee climb up the medication dealing rungs in order to become the dog this is certainly top.

Space Sweepers


Billed as South Korea’s very first blockbuster area movie, Space Sweepers focuses on a number of strives trying to make ends meet as people leave an earth that is uninhabitable reside in utopian room colonies. The debt-ridden “space sweepers,” led by Vincenzo’s Song Joong-ki, act as scavengers picking up dirt through the colonies which are wealthy. On a goal, they locate a youngster named Dorothy, which turns out to be an android containing a tool that is atomic. The team’s initial intend to offer Dorothy to the bidder that is greatest gets upended because they start to connect with the adorable android. Space Sweepers is ideal for anybody who likes their epics which can be sci-fi a little bit of heart.

Sweet and Sour

A comedy that is romantic programs both the bliss and a down economy inside a love tale, Sweet and Sour may focus followers of Sally Rooney books or reveals like Netflix’s Lovesick. Da-eun, a nurse, and Jang-hyeok, an professional, immediately click once they satisfy this is certainly first her task in Incheon. They’ve got a nice and relationship that is loving Jang-hyeok gets a brand new work in Seoul with a lengthy travel that strains their particular commitment. Additionally does not assist that Jang-hyeok starts to bond by way of a colleague at his job that is new’s played by f(x) singer Krystal Jung. Having an closing that includes made waves among people, Sweet and Sour has been lauded as a depiction this is certainly practical of relationships.

Lucid Dream

A wrist watch if you like movies like Inception, offer this 2017 South Korean film. The story focuses on investigative journalist Dae-ho whoever child is kidnapped with little chance of relief. Three years go, and Dae-ho learns of a questionnaire that is brand-new of this allows individuals to relive crucial memories through lucid aspirations. Their friend conducts the therapy on him, enabling Dae-ho to go back into the day his child was kidnapped. Dae-ho finds a trail that is br and-new of and, associated with Detective Song, who had been in the instance 3 years ago, sets completely on a trip to discover the facts.

Time To Hunt

‘Time To Hunt’ is just a high-octane Netflix Original criminal activity thriller that is occur a globe that is dystopian. In poverty-stricken South Korea, four friends pull off a heist that is reckless escape their serious financial straits but in doing so, get themselves on the radar of a ruthless assassin who can stop at nothing to hunt all of them all straight down. Intense action sequences, emotionally-driven crisis, bromance, thrilling vehicle chases – this film has actually all of it. Overall, a honest and attempt this is certainly effective making something vaguely “Fast and Furious-Esque”.

The Witch: Subversion


Should you ever wanted Stranger Things would simply give attention to Eleven escaping through the lab, with all the assault dialed up several notches, then undoubtedly check the Witch out: Subversion. A young girl is assumed lifeless following a violent laboratory accident in the award-winning 2018 movie. Alternatively, she ended up being used and had a loving, typical childhood until her overlooked powers re-emerged. Whenever she inadvertently shows her capabilities within a singing competitors, she must then combat her evil creators off while trying to find a remedy to nausea due to her powers. Come for the kick-ass heroine, stay for Parasite’s Choi Woo-sihk inside a role that is surprising.

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The Call


A call has never been scarier. The Call is a film through a mixture of scares, thrills, as well as a hint of fantasy. The movie had been actually prompted by the British and Puerto Rican film, The Caller, plus it takes its audience through the intense reality of what one that is changing fate can lead to. A female this is certainly younger her mother in a rural town and makes use of a classic manner cordless phone after dropping her cellular phone. On the other side end is a girl this is certainly young is tortured by her mom. The girl that is youthful that one other woman was as soon as residing in her house however in 1999. Both having upbringings which can be tragic they work collectively to improve their fate. The other requires a dark and twisted path and it’s a tug of war online game of whose life extends to prevail while one flourishes.

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Steel Rain


Considering a webtoon, Steel Rain is really a motion picture for just about any activity buff. It really is saturated in a atmosphere this is certainly tension-filled a North Korean unique representative is assigned with killing two guys planning a coup. The nation’s frontrunner while looking forward to his target, rogue soldiers attack a community appearance and injure.
The agent risks his life to truly save him and acquire him to security. The principle of foreign safety affairs learns for the possible coup on the reverse side associated with the edge in South Korea. It gets more complex as he learns the north leader that is Korean agent have made their particular option to Seoul.

Train to Busan

This classic motion picture that is korean on a work-obsessed and divorced father, Seok-woo, whose child’s birthday desire would be to spend day along with her mommy in Busan. The two board a train to Busan, perhaps not realizing that an girl this is certainly ill managed to get on. She turns out to be a zombie just who starts assaulting, and thus infecting, everyone else up to speed. (Yes, that took a change this is certainly radical but that’s South Korean shows/films for you.) The film largely happens from the train, though you’ll be enthralled for the complete 117 moments as girl and parent make an effort to survive along with fellow passengers. Will they previously make it to Busan? This is the most iconic south movies which can be korean made and gotten rave reviews upon launch in 2016.


People who are sick of becoming cooped up inside their houses throughout the quarantine that is months-long connect with this zombie siege film that’s reminiscent of ‘Train To Busan’. ‘#Alive’ is really a thrilling survival crisis having a lone gamer stuck in no meals to his house, no weapons, not many resources, as well as a horde of hungry zombies surrounding his building, almost throwing down his entry way. He’s digitally stop and contains no real way of surviving unless he gets imaginative. The thing that is most beneficial about Korean zombie movies is their particular zombies are not the slow, mindless animals of ‘The Walking Dead’, but extremely fast and vicious and frightening (like in ‘Train To Busan’ in addition to Netflix show ‘Kingdom’). Featuring the skills of Yoo Ah-in and Park Shin-Hye, ‘#Alive’ keeps you from the side of your chair from start to finish.


A family of four — brothers Jin-Seok and Yoo-Seok, mama Na Young-Hee, and father Moon Sung-Geun — have actually moved right into a residence this is certainly brand-new. Jin-Seok is typically frail, hypersensitive, and is on medication. Jin-Seok is the eyewitness of this kidnap of their older bro Yoo-Seok, that has been taken with a males that are few a van. A days which are few, whenever Yoo-Seok returns, he apparently doesn’t keep in mind any such thing in regards to the place or exactly what transpired in past times couple of days, or exactly how he was kidnapped. Sensing a noticeable change in their brother’s behaviour, Jin-Seok concludes that the man who’s saying become Yoo-Seok isn’t whom he is. It is, without a doubt, perhaps one of the most intense, chilling thrillers We have previously seen.

Tune in for Love


Nurse the psychological void kept in your soul by Crash Landing on You by tuning into another love tale this is certainly heart-wrenching. This 2019 motion picture begins in the ’90s through the Asian crisis this is certainly economic. Writer Mi-su and Hyeon-woo satisfy as teens while involved in a bakery over Christmas. Over the years, obstacles in adulthood separate them from one another, though the set always search for methods to reunite. Nonetheless, one of these holds a key which may destroy their commitment entirely. The film spans across ten years and has now a nostalgic tone, along with a sound recording that is gorgeous. By the end of this movie, you’re guaranteed to lose a few pleased and tears being unfortunate.

Illang: The Wolf Brigade

Sci-fi lovers will plunge right into this 2018 film. The film is scheduled in 2029, with North and South Korea getting ready for a unification after several years of preparation as a result of governmental and force that is economic. South Korea produces a unit this is certainly unique referred to as “Wolf Brigade,” (those cyborg-looking men and women in consistent), which tries to stop an anti-reunification terrorist group called “The Sect.” This film is “based on Mamoru Oshii’s Kerberos Panzer Cop manga, whoever 1999 anime version, Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade, is a direct blueprint with this film’s stunning orifice and climax. for a few historical framework, based on Variety”

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For another Bong Joon-ho masterpiece, check out this 2013 film this is certainly sci-fi. The entire year is 2031 and Earth is covered in snow and ice as a result of a disastrous want to combat warming this is certainly worldwide. A train labeled as Snowpiercer perpetually circles the global world while carrying people that are divided in to high grade and coach. A revolt against the top class guests to free the advisor people from the awful circumstances they suffer with this train, Curtis Everett (played by Chris Evans), who resides within the lower-class part, plots. Meanwhile, a guy that is korean Namgoong Min-Soo has insider familiarity with how to bypass the safety methods of the train. You may not need certainly to keep consitently the subtitles on for the movie this is certainly entire since 85 % of the discussion is in English. (This motion picture marked Bong Joon-ho’s first foray into creating an English-language film.)

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Kingdom followers, you are going to certainly like to listen in for this one. Rampant is a 2018 duration movie occur the Joseon dynasty, where exiled Prince Lee Chung (played by Crash Landing for you’s Hyun Bin) and his countrymen band together to fight zombies referred to as demons evening. All of it starts when soldiers attempt to raid a ship that is European among the men is bitten by zombies that are on board. The infection is brought by him back once again to their village, where it quickly develops. The zombies in this movie “crave peoples blood and animal meat, are attracted by noises, repelled by sunshine, and therefore are stopped by decapitation or piercing of this heart.”

Just what Occurred to Mr. Cha?

In a very twist that is meta popular South Korean actor Cha In-pyo plays an outsize version of himself in this 2021 film. As an star past his prime and developing much more irrelevant each day, he embarks on a number of progressively stunts which are absurd an attempt to capture the amount of widespread fame and adoration he held earlier in the day in his career. “In doing this, he crosses the boundaries between their genuine self additionally the character this is certainly imaginary the movie. He peppers his characterization with the outgoing, relatable, and intense areas of their personality that is own delivering snippets of fresh ideas and hearty laughter,” per Netflix. A lot more fun: Cho Dal-hwan, recognized for his highbrow roles which can be acting plays Cha In-pyo’s sidekick.

Wish You: Your Melody From My Heart


A unique category is increasing within the ranks as K-dramas gain popularity. BL, or Boy’s Love, are Korean dramas and flicks where the figures that are primary both guys. The 2021 movie, Wish You, is just a film that is perfect flow to get going using the genre and obtain hooked. The storyline surrounds a optimistic and singer this is certainly aspiring works every single day carrying out from the streets.

Jo Pil-ho: The Dawning Trend

A action that is fashionable directed by Lee Jeong-beom, ‘Jo Pil-ho: The Dawning Rage’ stars Lee Sun-Kyun, Jeon So-nee, Park Hae-Joon, and Song Young-Chang. The storyline regarding the film focuses on a authorities that is corrupt who’s becoming examined by an inner affairs agent on fees of blowing up a authorities warehouse. The smoothness at issue, the Jo that is eponymous Pil-ho is somebody who could be corrupt, but he has already established no part to relax and play in the surge and thinks that some people are making an effort to set him up for the criminal activity he didn’t devote. Jo Pil-ho groups up having a school that is high called Mi-na with whom he attempts to get to the bottom of the truth to catch the actual criminal and also to clear their title along the way. The cinematography and also the activity sequences of this film tend to be unforgettable, but it does absence when it comes to having a construction this is certainly appropriate as some of the moments are usually unnecessarily lengthy.

The Drug King

This film is dependent on a tale that is correct the life of the drug kingpin known as Lee Doo-sam. Lee began as being a small-time member of a company that is criminal indulged when you look at the smuggling of diamonds as well as other such services and products before trying his hands in the medicine trade. Obviously, the profit on his method to come to be probably the most notorious smugglers in every of Korea which he made of the medicine trade is unparalleled and propelled him. The film serves as a merchant account this is certainly eye-opening of medication trade that went on in the 1970s in South Korea, where a supply range thrived between Busan and Japan. Song Kang-ho, one of the primary celebrities of Korea, having produced name around the globe with shows in movies like ‘Memories Of Murder‘, ‘Parasite‘ and ‘A Taxi Driver’, plays the character that is leading unparalleled dexterity. The problem with the film is that it is suffering from the responsibility of having a lot of underdeveloped characters. In the event that writing was more nuanced, this film will have fared much better with critics and audiences alike.

The Prison

This movie follows Yu-gon Song, a investigator, just who, inside a quest to bust the criminal activity syndicates from within, get arrested and lands up inside the most prisons which can be notorious. The all-powerful individual in the jail, is providing the inmates directives to dedicate crimes while the jail authorities appear to be in cahoots with him by having a 100% track record for arrests, Yu-gon, that has been arrested for a hit-and-run instance, finds out that a crime lord called Ik-ho. Ik-ho sees a spark in Yu-gon and the latter starts working under him to get their self-confidence. However with prison authorities on their side, to what extent can Yu-gon risk himself?

Soon we’ll cover Best Korean Tv Series on Netflix, so keep watching this space. If you liked this list, maybe you’d be interested in our other lists too. Check out our OTT category for more such articles.

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